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Mamiya 7II medium format rangefinder camera system.

The Mamiya 7II is a medium format rangefinder camera system. A film camera with exceptional optics & simplicity of use. A perfect camera for landscape and art photography.

Why I shoot film…

When I shoot film, I need to be able to see what my photograph will look like in my mind, because I can not see it on the back of a camera. And if I don't like what I see in my mind I need to know how to change it. The only way to do this well, is for camera and mind to become one. I need to be so familiar with my camera's settings and so experienced in making it capture an image, that working the camera becomes completely instinctive and transparent...

How to get great colours in landscape photography

Here is a quick ‘top-line’ on how I get some of the interesting colours in my Landscape Images. I’ve been asked many times so I thought I’d share my standard technique and workflow here. Nothing too tricky… I hope it is of some help. Any further questions, please just ask. And any suggestions on what I should add in here please […]