Lofoten Islands, Norway.

Location: Lofoten Islands, Norway.

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Time of year: My favourite time of year, February to March ( winter )

Where is it: The Lofoten Islands is an archipelago of Islands off Norway’s north west coast. It is inside the Arctic Circle.

Why would you go there: Perfect for landscape, travel and adventure photography. Wild weather, rapidly changing and interesting light; wonderful light which can last for longer periods of time into the day.  Rugged mountain ranges which rise from the sea, snow, oceans, beaches, rivers and fjords. Crystal clear water with interesting colours. Incredibly lush meadows of grass and moss in every shade of green imaginable, mixed with rugged rocks and straw like grasses. Beautiful fishermans cottages and other weathered and worn buildings. Fishing boats and fishing activities. Cross country and free mountain skiing. The Lofoten Islands are considered one of Norway’s most beautiful attractions.










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