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100 Landscape Photographers Worth Knowing…

We see these lists, all the time. Most are long, endless lists of boring sameness. Lifeless lists of lemmings; photographers, with a few exceptions, who all look the same. All copying each others work in a repetitive, diminishing circle of indistinguishable and interchangeable styles and ideas. Most lists are worthless. Surely the purpose of such lists is to showcase artists where each has been carefully chosen to bring something of particular value into the sphere of other Landscape Photographers. An outward looking list. A rich tapestry of creative and functional ideas, styles and techniques; contrasting, challenging, thought provoking and truly useful. A mix of the old and the new, traditional and avant-garde. A diverse list which helps other photographers to grow. So, I thought I would put together my own list below.

Why Photography?

What is it about photography which draws me into its realm with such passion. I ponder this question often. I feel like I need to find my own answers. Yet a satisfactory answer always seems out of reach of me. I feel as if I am searching for something unknown along my photographic journey; that the journey has some kind of purpose.... read more

Photographers who inspire me

Julian Calverley's work is very compelling. He is a master of light. When I first discovered Julian's work, my reaction was the same as when I stood in front of an exhibition of Rembrandt's paintings... I was captivated by the powerful and emotive use of light...

How to get great colours in landscape photography

Here is a quick ‘top-line’ on how I get some of the interesting colours in my Landscape Images. I’ve been asked many times so I thought I’d share my standard technique and workflow here. Nothing too tricky… I hope it is of some help. Any further questions, please just ask. And any suggestions on what I should add in here please […]