Photographers who inspire me

There are many photographers who inspire me.

Most often, it is their photographs from which I draw the inspiration. Sometimes I am influenced by their philosophies of workflow, technique or craftsmanship. Occasionally inspiration will flow from how they choose to live their creative life.

Whatever their uniqueness, each in their own way have added something to my own journey as a landscape photographer.

From time to time, I would like to share these photographers with you here, so that you too have the opportunity to discover and be inspired by them.


:: Julian Calverley 

Julian Calverley’s work is very compelling. He is a master of light. When I first discovered Julian’s work, my reaction was the same as when I stood in front of an exhibition of Rembrandt’s paintings… I was captivated by the powerful and emotive use of light.

Julian looks for compositions under conditions that many photographers might avoid and he captures them at their most dramatic. There is a lot of theatre, passion, depth and emotion to the photographs he makes.

There is also a realness to his work. His, is not a quest to capture landscapes at their most beautiful or unnatural as you might see in tourist postcards. Julian takes the real and shows just how majestic and artistic real can be.

I strongly identify with photographers who make landscape photographs in and around water. Julian Calverley is one of the best.

Gallery 1066
Willow Mews
6a Hitchin Street
Tel: +44 (0) 1462 622 233



:: More photographers coming soon.

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