Photographers who inspire me ~ #3 ~ “RAX” Ragnar Axelsson

There are many photographers who inspire me.

Most often, it is their photographs from which I draw the inspiration. Sometimes I am influenced by their philosophies of workflow, technique or craftsmanship. Occasionally inspiration will flow from how they choose to live their creative life.

Whatever their uniqueness, each in their own way have added something to my own journey as a landscape photographer.

From time to time, I would like to share these photographers with you here, so that you too have the opportunity to discover and be inspired by them.


:: “RAX” Ragnar Axelsson

I would describe Ragnar Axelsson as a photographer’s photographer.

He is a master of so many of those elements, which we as photographers try to capture in a photograph: story, emotion, engagement, iconic quality, the decisive moment, a connection with both subject and audience, light, composition, theatre, craft and passion… I could go on and on. His work speaks for itself, there is no need to say more.

Ragnar Axelsson’s book “Last Days Of The Arctic” and his website are here

Also have a look at Ragnar’s “Iceland” gallery here

Reproduced with permission from “RAX” Ragnar Axelsson


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