The truth of a photograph

Photographs are taken for all sorts of reasons. But it is the ‘obvious’ verses ‘some truth’ which makes a photograph interesting to me.

All photographers are presented with the basic facts of a thing. Yet some photographers need to discover more. They want ‘a truth’ of the thing; to draw something out so that they and others might see something which is not so obvious.

The skill of the photographer is the clarity with which they can do that; take a photograph which can be made to exist as a meaningful thing beyond the obvious, something in its own right.

Leica M6 Camera

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Ashly Leonard Stohl and David Carol at SVA/NYC

Here’s a great talk by Ashly Leonard Stohl and David Carol at The School of Visual Arts in New York on May 16 2017.

Ashly and David understand photography. They get it. And they publish photo books through their business Peanut Press.  It’s a great combination.

Enjoy this video of their recent talk at SVA/NYC.


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